How much salary was given to cheerleaders in IPL 2018

ipl 2018 cheerleaders
ipl 2018 cheerleaders

The life of the cheerleader in IPL is not as easy as it seems that it is. They have to work harder as any other cricketer. To perform the whole phase during the match and to keep them fit for the performance, they have to do a lot to keep them in shape. So, the whole life of the hailstorm is struggling. But the amount they earn, is not as good, but the civilized is still.

Every franchise pays an average of 6,000-8,000 rupees for each match to his chairiers. The same cheerleader from the IPL earns an average of $ 25,000 on an annual basis, it gets only money to perform during the IPL matches. During his stay for the IPL, every franchise pays its cheerful team for the living, food, accommodation and travel expenses of different hotels.

People have different assumptions about cheerleaders, some of them think only as a dancer, in other words, they call them dancers because they are abusive because they are creating objects which are actually the display of bad behavior. Being a hoax should not be a great experience, I think.As the new season of IPL starts in 2018, its fate try to become an official member of the more girls of different dance actors (IPL team cheerleaders) will do.

ipl 2018 cheerleaders deepika padukone
ipl 2018 cheerleaders deepika padukone

Most foreigners are working as Premier League cheerleaders, very few Indian girls have been selected as cheerleaders. IPL is a good source of income for those girls, who have a great dancing, chairs and gymnastics skills.

Come back to your question, we do not have Indian cheerleaders in IPL because we are not favored by this game and most of the Western countries are due to our cultural differences. Yes, this is irony of it, we want to see them, but we do not like this idea when our sisters did it. Besides, cheerleading gurus do not have easy skills.


आईपीएल चियरलीडर्स के वेतन 2018 (रिवाल्ड)

विवरण                            प्रति मैच फीस           अतिरिक्त बोनस               वार्षिक पेसकेल

आईपीएल चियरलीडर्स        $ 150 – $ 250               $ 100                  $4,000 – $ 17,500


Cheerleaders Salary in IPL 2018 as Per Match

Team Per Match Salaries Bonus
Kolkata Knight Riders Cheerleaders $300 $100
Royal Challengers Cheerleaders $250 $50
Mumbai Indians Cheerleaders $250 $100
Rajasthan Royals Cheerleaders $180 $100
Kings XI Punjab Cheerleaders $150 $50
Sunrisers Hyderabad Cheerleaders $150 $50
Chennai Super Kings Cheerleaders $150 $50
Delhi Daredevils Cheerleaders $150 $50


KKR pays the highest salary for cheerleaders and DD pays the lowest salary. Popular team  CSK gives only 150 dollars to cheerleaders. Mostly there are fairly women who were short dresses. If you ever has a chance to go to stadium and your seat is near of the cheerleaders’ ,then you will hear very bad words from the people present there.They always pass some abusive words.I request Indians to stop being racist. Even I have heard people saying that that girl is savli. If we indians do not change our mind ,then we will see white cheerleaders in ipl.

The Indian Premier League puts in big money to provide out and out entertainment to all viewers. Every team recruits IPL cheerleaders to make the stadium experience more enjoyable for those present there. Any big instance in the game, such as a boundary makes cheerleaders go onto the stage and perform a little dance to add to the joy and extravaganza of the moment.

Cheerleading is not just a side of glamorous faces but an active unit of girls’ squad cheering, dancing, jumping, chanting IPL teams and inspiring the players. From the inaugural season of cash-rich cricket event, cheerleaders have been an integral part of Indian Premier League. In the ten editions of IPL, some stories about the dynamic cheerleading squad have attracted a lot of eyeballs. Remember the younger sister of former South African cricketer and present head coach of Kolkata Knight Riders, Jacques Kallis who was a cheerleader for an opponent team.


When the employer is Bollywood’s King of Romance, be prepared to be overwhelmed with extra attention. Shah Rukh Khan co-owned Kolkata Knight Riders cheerleaders are the most paid squad in VIVO IPL 2017. Not just a highest salary but KKR girls are specially taken care of by King Khan and also acknowledged for their work just like star cricketers of his side. Here are the details of KKR Team IPL 2017 Cheerleaders Salary – Salary per Match– Rs 6000-12000, Bonus on the win- Rs 3000, Extra appearance – Rs 7000-12000 and Photoshoot – Rs 5000.

Cheerleading is definitely not an easy job to do and like every profession have its pros and cons. Apart from the rigorous schedule, the girls also deal with uncalled for situations like constant ogling by the crowd in India, with many rude spectators throwing bottles at them. They also revealed about hating the gaudy cheerleading costumes, and the lack of proper changing rooms add to their woes. But they put on the best of smiles on their face to keep the spirits of the team and crowd up like a true sportsperson.



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